I3 380m with GT540m OR N970 with 6650m? (gaming)


This has a dual core i3 380m, but has a GT540M.


This on the other hand has a more powerful quad N970, but a less powerful 6650m.

My question is, which is better for gaming? Thank you!
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  1. Hello EndlessManager;

    For WoW and StarCraft 2? Fast dual core CPU & GT 540M
    For Crysis 2 and CoD: Black Ops quad core & HD 6650M

    Passmark CPU benchmark scores:
    AMD Phenom II N970 Quad-Core = 2814
    Intel Core i3 380M @ 2.53GHz = 2337

    Passmark GPU benchmark scores:
    GeForce GT 540M = 671
    Radeon HD 6650M = 647
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