Can\'t install operating system, optical drive won\'t spin up


I recently bought a DIY computer package from Tigerdirect. I put all the parts together, making sure to handle the parts correctly. Once everything was hooked-up, hardware-wise, I tried to install Windows 7 off of a friend's USB drive. It almost worked, but it requested that I insert a disk into the drive, which I couldn't do.

I bought a brand new Windows 7 OEM version. Computer still won't boot-up, even though BIOS screen shows that the optical drive is connected. After checking the boot order sequence several times, I figured that the driver must have something wrong with it, so I bought a cheap DVDROM. Both optical drives are made by LG (not sure if relevant) but neither work. In fact, neither one would even spin-up the disk. Message on screen reads: 'Reboot and Select proper boot device, or insert boot media into boot device and press any key.'

Any ideas on what is wrong?

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  1. if you want ot boot from dvd drive to install your os it need to be set as first bott in the bios .
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