Gaming laptops for around 1000$-1500$ PC

Lately i was thinking about buying a laptop for gaming only and have a budget of 1000-1500$. any suggestions. The most graphic intense game i will be playing is World of Warcraft.
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  1. We need more info such as screen size,battery life etc. so fill the FAQ first(link in my sig)
  2. That's easy :)

    Clevo 150 HM (15") / 170 HM (17") or one of the variants.... Clevo is the original design manufacturer or ODM. The units are sold under various brand names (Sager, WidowPC, VoodooPC etc). Other than that, one of the equivalently configured Asus models (G53-15" and G73-17").

    For WoW, you'll want to select a nVidia GFX option when configuring.

    Find a supplier here:
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