I need some help please I'd really appreciate it.

My system is an Acer Aspire PII 300 MHz with MMX. I intend to upgrade the CPU to a Celeron, preferably 466 or 500.

My motherboard information states that the board will support an upgrade to PII 333 MHz or Celeron 266. Of course when I bought this system in the fall of 1998 the fastest processors were 450 MHz I think. It's an Acer board with the INTEL 440EX chipset with AGP support.

My question is this: can I simply upgrade to a Celeron 466 MHz or 500 MHz using a socket 370 to slot 1 adapter plus heatsink and CPU fan? Or is there more involved?

My PII 300 processor has a klamath core with the 66MHz front side bus of course. I believe it runs at 2.8 V although I've also read it is less. I/O voltage is 3.3 V. It's clock multiplier is 4.5 times with an L2 cache of 512 kb.

My concern is do I need to in some way adjust the front bus setting or multiplier? Or will my motherboard just adjust its settings automatically? With a core voltage of 2.8 V do I need to adjust the voltage on the upgrade processor (Celeron 466 MHz or 500)?. Or if I don't do I risk the CPU not running or frying? Would I need an upgraded bios?

This is my first CPU upgrade, so sorry for my ignorance and thanks again for any help it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Your motherboard should support the PPGA CPU's with a PPGA-Slot 1 adapter. All the Mendiceno core (PPGA) processors used internal mutlipliers, so that won't be a problem. Just make sure you get the proper Slotket-it has to support the older PPGA processors. Some are switchable (PPGA/FC-PGA), some are PPGA only (the original kind), and some are FC-PGA only (won't work).

    Back to you Tom...
  2. Thanks alot for the freebie advise Crahman. You're the man!
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