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Need some thoughts on a quiet Athlon fan (for a 1.4G). Tried both Coolermaster EP5-6151 and Globalwin FOP-38, and have not been impressed. Are there quiet AMD-approved solutions available? I really can't work with all the noise.

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  1. How about the Noise control silverado?

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  2. Ja good choice. It's not AMD approved though (too heavy!)

    Hey, here's an idea. Why not get someone to make a plastic retainer clip designed to bolt to the four holes around your CPU socket, then design a HSF form factor to fit that retainer clip? A lot of the problem with HSFs currently is that you can't make them extremely effective without making them extremely heavy.

    The clip could also be precision-machined to guide the HSF straight in--so there's no chance of the unit tilting on the core. This holds interesting possibilities...


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  3. see if you can find a Tornado win-7528.
    bit rare at the moment though.

    its got a 80mm fan shoe-horned onto the top :) and gold plated copper base (its extreemly flat and shiney)
    and comes in just under 300g.

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  4. www.anandtech.com just did a hsf roundup, where they rated the effectiveness of dozens of coolers, both on performance and noise. That should provide you with more info than you need to make a good descision.

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