My pc has Win 7 Pro, I prefer Win 7 Home. Should I get a Win 7 Home upgrade disc

My main computer is an Imac. I prefer macs, they are much more intuitive for me as I am not really a computer person. I have a few programs that I have to use that only run on a pc. I have a pc that has Win 7 Pro that I find very frustrating to use. I was considering upgrading to Win 8 but was put off by having to buy an additional program to play and record dvd's and I got a chance to use a Win 8 pc and did not like it.

I recently got a chance to use a pc with Win 7 Home Premium and preferred it over Win 7 Pro. I want to install Win 7 Home Premium on my pc. Would that be considered an upgrade or a downgrade? Which software package would I need? Would a Win 7 Home upgrade package be enough or do I need the full Win 7 Home software program?

My pc is a HP Probook and the OS is 32 bit.

Thank you for your response.
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  1. I don't understand. What is it that made Home Premium different from Pro in your view? I've used both, and the differences are all under the skin. Pro includes some features that a Home user would not need or want, but they look and operate exactly the same in my experience.
  2. I'm confused too, I have home on a laptop and pro on a desktop. They are exactly the same. The extra features are pretty much like extra programs. You don't run them, you don't see them.
  3. Yeah, there should be no difference between home premium and professional.

    You likely got two different types of windows - vista and 7, perhaps?
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