how do i bring my computer out of sleep mode???

hi, i'm having trouble getting my computer to wake up after sleep mode, the hds spin down and the screen goes off but it never comes back on so i have to restart......i have an asus a7m266 mobo 1.4 gig athlon proc and 2 60 gb raid 0 hds running win2k with a 431 watt enermax psu......what should i do.......also do you guys recommend leaving the computer in sleep mode when you're not using it like overnight or should i just leave it on like it is? thanks
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  1. Suspend mode seems to give many people grief. In Control Panel|Power Options, try setting: Power Scheme (Always On), Turn Off Monitor After (you determine), Turn Off Hard Disk (Never), System Stanby (Never).

    In BIOS settings under Power: Power Management (User Define), Video Off Option (Suspend -> Off), Video Off Method (DPMS OFF), HDD Power Down (Disabled), Suspend Mode (Disabled), PWR Button < 4 Secs (Soft Off)

    I use these settings and never have problems anymore with the evil suspend mode.

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