Best gaming laptop in india under 50000

m a student and i neede gaming laptops running all d latest games
bt m low at budget :(
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  1. what is your budget? and 50,000 rupee??
    I would need to know your currency to give you a proper suggestion as I would need to convert it to USD and find what is out there, but if it is rupee I believe that is around $1,200 USD if I am not mistaken... you can get a gaming laptop very easily with that amount of money.

    Let me know if I am mistaken or not before I start giving you suggestions....
  2. my budget is max to max 40,000 Rs
    can i get an alienware?
  3. anuj_08 said:
    my budget is max to max 40,000 Rs
    can i get an alienware?

    I have never been a fan of Alienware.

    They are great machines, but to my knowledge they just consume too much power and usually have over heating issues or die out within a few years.

    I am sure some die hard fans would disagree with me, but for the price I think you can do better especially since you are on a budget. Alienware laptops are not really known as "budget" laptops.

    What screen size were you looking for? What is the most demanding game you plan on playing on it. Did you need a num pad with the keyboard? is Battery life an issue??
  4. Alienware M11x laptop Rs.64,000
    Alienware M14x laptop Rs.82,000

    XPS 15 Laptop Rs.53,400 with Geforce GT 525M graphics card
    Or Rs.55,705 with Geforce GT 540M graphics card.
  5. Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop Rs.40,900
    Core i5 480M CPU and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550v graphics card
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