Better FPS on XP than Win 7

I am dual booting XP and Windows 7. My question is , how comes i get more FPS , like 50% more on XP than i get in Windows 7 RC . I have the latest Forceware installed on both OS. According to benchmarks , Win 7 was supposed to be faster than XP in games. So what's the problem ?

Th4nk Y0u
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  1. How much memory do you have?
  2. I have same observation with my old 6200TC.I got better framerates with xp than win7.

    But now I have upgraded to 9800GT and i must say that windows 7 is getting me more frame rates.

    Pls list your hardware specification.
  3. most likely a driver issue make sure you have latest drivers directly from nvidia or ati
  4. The problem is that Windows 7 is a Release Candidate. Try the RTM when it is released.
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