Used Local Newspaper AD: RAW DEAL or REAL STEAL?

I saw this ad in my local paper for a server with dual Xeons. The guys sounded slightly "fishy" on the phone so I was wondering if you experts could disect his set-up.
He's asking a $1000. But it looked like he cut and pasted some of it directly from a website. Anyway I cut and pasted the middle portion of his e-mail for your guys advice?

1 x Tyan Thunder X Motherboard
Supports two Intel® Pentium® III Xeon microprocessors
Intel 440GX AGPset
Supports SPD SDRAM memory and ECC SDRAM.
Extended ATX form factor.
Integrated dual channel PCI IDE,
integrated floppy controller,
integrated high speed I/O,
Universal Serial Bus, integrated
PS/2 mouse connector, System Mangement, and dual channel Ultra2 LVD SCSI port.
6 PCI slots and 1 ISA slot. With I/O and drive controller support built on-board,
Four 168-pin DIMM sockets
4 x Simpletech 256MB EDO DRAM ECC 168-pin DIMM for HP NetServer LH4 400 Xeon, LH4 500 XeonPIII
$266.32 per DIMM
2 x Pentium III Xeon processors with 1MB level 2 cache and 133MHz front-side bus.
Roughly $550.00 a piece
SB Live Platinum $70
GeForce 64MB DDR Graphics Card $150.00
Maxtor 40.9GB, 7200 rpm, EIDE ATA/66 3.5" internal hard drive for PCs $140.00
Windows 2000 Professional OS $150

OKAY, there it is. The only thing that raises my eyebrow is that he has EDO ram listed. Isn't that a really old Ram that's outdated for this set-up? My 1997 compaq uses EDO ram
Do any other parts seem to do not configure right here?
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  1. did it actually say that you were going to get the proccessors included in the 1000 bucks. It sounded like they were selling the mainboard for 1000 and then offering the rest as extra. Of course thats just me

    Never Trust Intel to do AMD's job!
  2. Offer $850, if it's dodgy they'll accept then you will know.

    Although it has a lot of good ideas, beer doesn't know anything about computers!!!
  3. they list prices after everything, it sounds like they tell everything the board has integrated and what you can buy with it. they will probably sell you the board and throw in a PS you need ram and 2 CPU's and etc etc etc
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