Windows XP Pro 32bit to win xp pro 64bit update

sry but my english is not so good
I have many programms from siemens simatic manager winncc winccflex touch paneel and so on, but the system goes very often down memory to low and so I think.. hey I have 8mb ram but only use 3.2 because I don`'t have realy the fun to pay the stupid price for'n update to 64 bit... in real life such a thing is "dienst am kúnden" sry when microsoft is to no interested in such thing...perhaps is nearby future all user will use suse...pffffft
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  1. First there is no "upgrade" to x64 unless you uninstall your original version and reinstall the next.

    As for the stupid price, we don't support piracy in any form.
    Sounds like someone needs to freshin' up on the forum rules.

    Go HERE for more help!
  2. Nice one hedwar. That sums it up nicely.....
  3. Also, XP x64 has poor driver support. You will need to find 64 bit drivers for all your hardware and devices.
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