Toshiba p105-s6084 slow mode

Guy at the office has this model laptop. He says it has the hard drive protection software like a mac has. To where it the drive thinks its going to be dropped it drops into safe/slow mode. He had directions to correct this but lost them. I have never messed with this type of software on a laptop.

His computer now takes ages to boot and to process anything. Again its done this before he went and swapped a few settings and it was working at full speed.

Any help? Ideas?
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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that's built into the laptop though hardware detecting a free fall and it should only react if it feels a free fall. I don't know what settings you could possibly change besides turning it off.

    What settings did he change? I bought a dell latitude e5410 two days ago and it supposedly has the same thing built in to detect free falls but there are not settings to adjust it or anything. Only thing I noticed was that one time i picked it up really quickly and it I heard a click on the hard drive. I assumed that was the hdd slowing down.

    If you ask me he either
    a; dropped it and "slow mode" didn't kick in and his hdd is acting up thus slowing down the system

    b; he has a virus

    c; the mechanism in charge of detecting free falls has messed up.

    ps- I just remembered I once played with a friend's toshiba netbook and he constantly got messages saying his hdd had slowed to prevent damange but all he had to do was click on the message that appeared on taskbar (bottom right hand- just in case i called it the wrong thing) and he had the option to disable it.
  2. the hard drive is in free fall mode and i cant find where to turn it off...
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