VIA files suits against Intel

Hahaaa, I just read this at "Firing Squad"
Taipei, Taiwan, 10 September 2001 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia and communications chips, today announced that it has begun filing lawsuits against Intel Corporation in US and Taiwan courts for the infringement of VIA patents by Intel processors and chipsets. Separately, VIA has initiated litigation against Intel for violations of the Republic of China Fair Trade Law and the willful destruction of VIA property by Intel representatives and employees. As part of these complaints, VIA is seeking damages for losses incurred and for injunctive relief.

"Intel processors and the Intel Pentium 4 processor compatible 845 chipset infringe VIA's patents," commented Richard Brown, Director of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "Starting today, VIA will begin filing a series of patent infringement lawsuits and civil actions in the Taiwan and US courts seeking damages and injunctive relief."

"Intel has not obtained a license from VIA for the Pentium 4 microprocessor or the 845 chipset," continued Richard Brown. "The lawsuits will be aimed at stopping the infringement of VIA's patents by these products," he said.

VIA will file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Intel and its Pentium 4 microprocessor.

VIA Technologies, Inc has also filed a complaint to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission against the illegal anti-competitive behaviour employed by Intel in attempting to prevent the smooth introduction of VIA's Intel Pentium 4 processor compatible chipsets into the market. In addition, VIA is filing criminal suits over the willful destruction of VIA property by Intel representatives and employees at the Computex 2001 tradeshow held in Taipei in June 2001.
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Do you smell that? I love the smell of thermal compound in the morning
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  1. How in the heck can VIA have patents on the P4 the 845?


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  2. The world might never know

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  3. Easy...

    Back when Intel was developing the P4 they used some technologies that S3 had patents on. VIA bought S3 so they say they own the patents now and Intel is not licensed to use the technology. Apparently, the technology was cross licensed from S3 for some certain licenses of bus technology allowing S3 to create P4 based chipsets once P4 was released.

    Raystonn claims that because S3 was bought by VIA the licnse to build P4 chipsets is no longer valid...yet the license of the S3 technology still IS valid. I guess a court will be deciding or they will be deciding out of court. I must say I have never heard of a situation such as Ray claims. I've always understood that cross licensing is still valid even if a company is carries over to the new company buying the other.

    So, what VIA is claiming is if Intel is preventing VIA from making P4 chipsets that they have nullified the cross license so VIA can nullify the technology license S3 gave. NIt's definitely more complicated than this and confusing, but this is my understanding.

    What is definitely valid is Intel's wanton destruction of VIA property and Intel will likely be made to pay a penalty....possibly sizable for the property destruction as well as damages to possible business.

    I suspect most will be settled out of court, with VIA having an unencumbered license to make P4 chipsets. Whether Intel will also pay restitution is not known as yet.


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  4. I think VIA's in the right claiming a P4 license, and I also think their latest legal maneuver is a hidden axe they had ready to fall if Intel sued. I believe your understanding is correct--and VIA is using their axe to get Intel to back off.

    Intel's already way behind in the P4 release schedule, and they don't need another impediment like this. Chances are, they'll settle out of court on terms favorable to VIA, which is exactly what VIA wants. If they don't, then expect the Northwood to be even later than it already is, and the P4XDDR to be held back even further or even killed completely.


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  5. Now this will be intereting. Since Intel wants to screw Via that leaves another good match for Amd along with Nvidia, they now can produce without hinderence from crazy & Co. so perhaps the bugs if any now are non existant I hope, but then agian I'm still waiting for this so called sblive bug problem on my setup to show up!What weak link?

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  6. Word is that nVidia is just waiting for ViA to win, so they get a free P4 license too. Others are saying that they'll be getting a free P4 license for using it instead of an AMD CPU on the Homestation.

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  7. See I knew there be winners out of Intels trash bin, but it can never be considered trash heh
  8. One mans trash is anothers treasure, and I hope Via kills them mongrels in court. Not as if they don't deserve it.... :tongue:
  9. Well all in all folks Im sure Intel and VIA will both come out in good order? One question remains the p5 and the Itainium series Im very sure if I was the CEO of Intel I would not even remotely let them near that FSB technology. They legally or not stole the p3 bus to make the Cyrix 3. Which will happen with the p4 bus as well. But VIA is a foreign company and this is going to be settled in US courts that mean there will be a higher chance of dismissal because of the recent tragedy. That’s my thoughts on the whole deal.


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