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I've been trying to fix my old pc for awhile now. It locks up like every 10 minutes...literally. If it goes 1/2 hour without locking up I'm amazed. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what could be wrong. I've replaced practically everything except the cpu and the ram. Here's the specs:
cpu: duron 650mhz
ram: 128mb pc100
audio: onboard
video: 8mb TNT2 card agp(it's definitely not the video card because I used to have a 32mb TNT2 card in that I put in my new system)
LAN: Realtek RTL8139C(onboard)

That's pretty much all of it...I was wondering if maybe my cpu could be bad or maybe even my ram? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Could be a number of things. What is the temp of the system when it locks up? Could be a heat problem (maybe the fan went bad). Though if you are sure it is not a heat problem change the ram as it could be the culprit.

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  2. well...i just decided to check the temp. on it when it locks up and I think that may be the problem. Durons prolly aren't really meant to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit huh? I never thought about checking the temperature because my fan on the chip was pretty expensive and was SUPPOSED to be good. Stupid tiger direct...so do you think this temperature problem is what it is? Would you recommend another fan or to get a system fan? The fan on the chip works...but apparently it doesn't cool it enough...so maybe a heavy duty fan? Maybe I'll open the case and have a house fan blow on the chip...haha
  3. Actually though 100F does sound a little high i downloaded the AMD data sheet for the Duron and it says that the die core can reach 90C, so you should be fine at 100F.
    Next 2 things i would check are
    1 - Check the ALL the BIOS settings are correct.

    2 - Check the ram. It is very possible that your ram has gone bad.

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    Why do I use Windows? Cause its the BEST Nintendo..
  4. What did you expect it to be BELOW room temp or something? The max it should be allowed to run is around 150F!

    Back to you Tom...
  5. Are you sure its locking up ? If you dont get BSOD's wait for a few minutes, and see if it doesnt recover. had a similar thing which ended up being IDE related. Two harddisks, one configured as "single" master, the other as slave. Putting both on their own IDE channel as master solved it.

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  6. You might also check the voltages coming from the power supply. 'Dirty' power or insufficient Voltages can cause lockups also. You'll also want to make sure the parts are all clear of dust. You'd be amazed at the good a tank of compressed air will do for a dirty system, and what bad it can do for your allergies.

  7. Ooooh A gussing game...

    My guess is its a "AMD"
  8. "FUGGER" -- The name says it all.

  9. Check for IRQ conflicts.

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  10. What fsb are you on?
    Check the bios settings and set the default on it.
    Did you remove the driver for the other TNT card?
    what else did you change?

    100F =37.7C and thats good.

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