Pc does not wake up from standby


my pc does not wake-up from standby. I tried different power management settings, but no result. I always have to reboot.

my system (built Oct 2010):

Corsair HX 850W
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev. 2 [BIOS FH, suspension set to S3]
Intel i7 950
Corsair XMS3 12Go (3x4Go) PC16000
Sapphire HD5870-1024 VaporX
Asus Xonar essence ST
OCZ Vertex 2E 120Go
2 x WD caviar Black 1To

Windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1

all drivers updated (except firmware for OCZ SDD, I could not do it because it's the Win 7 main drive)

hibernate is disabled.

does anyone have any suggestion, experience, solution?

thank you very much for your help,

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  1. When the system remains unresponsive, try giving it the three-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del). This may wake it up. One of my systems does that a lot. Mouse clicks, keypresses, etc. won't wake it up, but Ctrl-Alt-Del does, every time.

    Edit: If that doesn't work, clone your OCZ drive onto another. Boot with the clone. Does it have the same problem? If NOT, then update the OCZ's firmware. If that fixes it for the OCZ drive, great. If not (but it's fixed for the clone), then introduce the OCZ drive to your septic tank so it can join the family reunion (RMA it if you can).
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