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I was intalling windows 7. The Setup seemed to start, when it showed "WINDOWS STARTING SETUP", a message was displayed after few swconds that SETUP UNEXPECTEDLY EXPERIENCED AN ERROR, 0xE0000100 and when I clicked OK the system restarted. I am currently using XP SP2. Please Help.
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  1. If you have the original Ms windows 7 install dvd. it most likely means you have a dirty disk or setup could not read the files off the disk to complete. it could also be down to the device, Dvd rom drive.
    Now If you got the Iso file from Ms to burn the image to a blank dvd-r then it is likely you burned the disk at too higher speed causing errors on the disk, so you need to burn the Iso image at a slower speed to avoid errors. It`s a read error.
  2. Could be a hard drive issue, RAM issue, driver issue with the computer not working with Windows 7. Does the computer have Windows 7 drivers for it? Did you check compatibility?
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