Hauppauge 64405 lf rev c1

I have windows 7 and just cannot find drivers for my Hauppauge 64405 LF REV C1 IMPACTVCB despite visiting the Hauppauge website/s, seems there are only drivers for up to win 2000?? Can you help? I need to transfer old VHS to disk.
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  1. Get a new capture card. If the drivers only go upto 2000, the thing is like 12 years old. Time for something new. They have usb ones for like $50.
  2. I doubt you will find drivers to work with Windows 7....support was last updated on the card back in 2006...the drivers are not supported in Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    Looks like your best bet is to purchase a new converter:


    Less than $30....
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