Samsung galaxy s3 i9300

i need drivers and to know what country my phone came from.
i am from canada and i need a stock rom for this phone. help
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  1. Check here for phone info:

    Then go to the support tab and download and install Kies. With that app you'll be able to update the phone:

    So, why are you asking all of these peculiar questions about a phone and who is your service provider?
  2. i bought the phone here in canda and it seems that my wifi doesn"t work properly on this rooted phone(that is what i am hoping). all the wifi networks show up but will not connect to my wifi.
    service provider is virgin mobile.
    i am also a newbie at this.
  3. Kies will update the firmware on your phone and could help with the issues you are having.

    Can you join any wifi networks (like those that are unencrypted/open)?
  4. Kies is nice but your files should still show up in Windows Explorer. I had the same problem and found that you have to unlock your phone before Windows can see the files. If you don't have lock enabled on your phone then I would try Kies before doing anything else.
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