How to install drivers without admin privilages

before you try to say anything about how "wrong" or "dangerous" this is, please hear me out.

I work for one of the largest global corporations in the world. They ship brown packages *hint* *hint* and I just got a replacement PC for the one that crashed on me last week. It doesnt have the proper ATI video drivers. So I downloaded the correct driver and went to install it but... "need administrator privilages". In order to get IT to install this I have to call a helpdesk, talk to an idiot whose sole job is to reset peoples passwords, get a ticket made and sent to desktop support, and then wait for desktop support to call my extension a week later.

Please help me out. I'm not trying to install games or malicious software, I'm just trying to change the freakin resolution to something larger than 800x600. Thanks
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  1. sorry, it can't be done without administrator privileges.
  2. since you work for some company let the IT's do the job...yes you will have to deal with idiots but let them do their job
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