Installing AMD driver without admin rights- please help!

Before you tell me how "wrong" or "dangerous" this is, just hear me out. I work for one of the largest global companies in the world. We ship brown packages *hint*.

I just recieved my replacement PC for the one that took a dump on me last week. It's great, this one actually has Windows 7 on it and it came with a new keyboard. All the computers in the office are super super old. Anyways, this computer doesnt have AMD ATI Catalyst Drivers installed so I downloaded them but cant install them without admin privilages.

Since my company is so large, I have to call a helpdesk, talk to an idiot whose sole job is to reset peoples passwords, let him create a ticket, send it to desktop support, wait 3-10 days for desktop support to call me, and then MAYBE get it installed by them if theyre being nice. Its such a hassle and I cant keep working on a screen that is 800x600. Please help.
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  1. dont double post we told you you can't do it without admin permissions
  2. You answered your own question.

    If the computer is set to only allow the installation of programs by an administrator, there is nothing you can do to get around that. The only way would be to bypass the password to gain rights, and no one here is going to tell you how to do that.
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