Toshiba Satellite L505D Repair Manual

I need to repair a Toshiba Satellite L505D power jack. So, I either need a Toshiba Satellite L505D Repair Manual or at least the part that deals with getting to and repairing/replacing the power jack.
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  1. what you need is a youtube video on how to solder... Im sure you can find some. That's about all you have to do is resolder it to the board.
  2. I am not sure how to get to the power jack. I tried removing the keyboard, but thereat was a dead end. What I need to know is which screws to remove in order to remove the bottom of the case. I do not wish to remove the wrong screws and have parts coming loose that I cannot get to.
  3. It's really not that hard. Take off the two covers in the back, remove the screws holding the hard drive and DVD drive in place and remove both. Then you have to take out just about every screw in order to separate the two halves of the case. But there's no soldering involved. When you had the keyboard off, the AC connection is visable through the hole that's about six inches in from the right side. It's the top connection, use something flat and plastic and screwdriver shaped to wiggle the male and female parts apart. You should see four pins visible on the part that's connected to the motherboard. Unfortunately you're going to have to remove the back to get the palm rest/ touch pad half of the case out of the way. But once you do, the AC adapter just slides right out and the new one slides right into it's place. Here's a pretty good tutorial on what you need to do:

    Sorry if my answer is rambling, I'm running on not very much sleep.

    feel free to email me smattnc at gee mail dot com if you have furthur questions, I've taken apart this particular model laptop over and over... I have spare parts if you need as well.
  4. actually, That power Jack does not Need soldering. It not even connected to a mine pcb board. IT just a jack connected to a wire.

    Unscrew EACH AND EVERY SCREW at the bottom of the panel. Then pry up the long plastic molding above the keyboard (The Thin One)

    You'll see 4 screws attaching the keyboard to the Panel.
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