Does anyone even care?

Is AMD really going to look at what Tom did and say "Hmmm, we need to work on that"? I don't know. How influential is his website, or other hardware sites for that matter, to vendors? Does anyone change the way things are done due to what they see or read on this site? I for one would like them to.

We all know that AMD has it share of problems. Such as fragile cores, thermal issues and lower clock speeds. However, Intel has it's share of problems overpriced, greedy, and speed issuse. There are more, for both, but I'm not going to list them. How long is it going to take for these companies to correct the issues.

On another topic I'm sure we all get mad when we see certain people trolling. Really, does it bother you that much? These boards would be boring without trolls, not that they should troll all the time, just ocassionally. We all seem to be protective of "our" certain companies and remain loyal. That's a good thing. With out AMD Intel would charge outrageous prices and the technology wouldn't increase as fast as it has been. But without Intel AMD would probably make subpar processors. They need each other to stay in business.

I guess I'm just ranting. I would like to know if these boards or even these sites get noticed by anyone.


Nice <b><font color=green>Lizards</b></font color=green> <b>crunch</b> Trolls cookies....... :smile: Yummy!! :smile:
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  1. I was thinking the same things recently.

    I am sure that people from both Intel and AMD read the articles that are written about their processor's strengths and weaknesses. I don't know if they are influenced by them, but I don't see why they would chose not to read them. That would be very poor business.

    The only kind of trolling I don't like is when it turns personal. Like the people attackig Juin's spelling and grammar. Other than that, trolling is fine by me since most of the time it can be fairly humorous.
  2. I don't know, his grammar is pretty bad. I think the only reason they attack him is to try and get him to form proper sentences that people can read without getting headaches. How popular is THG? What are some of the other popular sites? I'm would like to hear from someone at THG. I would like to know if they actually talk to, or have correspondence with AMD & Intel. Or for that matter any other hardware manufacturer.

    Nice <b><font color=green>Lizards</b></font color=green> <b>crunch</b> Trolls cookies....... :smile: Yummy!! :smile:
  3. I think the reason why people get so upset over articles like this one are the questions of "Was this test really necessary" and "Was this test fair."

    I think this test was needed if it was done correctly. I don't think anyone was surprised that the Thunderbird fried, but when the Polamino went up in smoke it rattle a few cages.

    Was the test fair? That is the $1 million question. Personally, I do not think it was as I have explained in the "amd dies, intel survives: other factors" discussion. If the test isn't fair, then it shouldn't be published because the result is causing more harm than good because it is an invalid test.

    Does hardware reviews make companies change design of their products? The answer is YES. If people didn't complain to AMD about burning up their Athlons, do you really think they would put in the thermal diode? The problem comes into play when hardware sites publish articles that may not be valid/accurate. When hardware sites start mis-representing the facts or perform invalid tests, it hurts the public because we are now misinformed and the companies have lost a potential source of information on what may need to be changed. Nobody trusts a lier, so to speak.

    Oh well, time to go back under the bridge ;)
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