Pentium4 v AMD Athlon DDR

I am intending on buying or building a computer myself for use primarily for digital video & photo editing and gaming. I wanted some advice on which processor is better for this sort of us. I am a little confused as some component dealers have said that intel is better for this use as amd has some compatability problems with dv/firwire cards or problems when trying to video/photo edit or download. Is this true, I would be grateful for some advice.
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  1. Its not that kind of compatibility issue at all, they dont know what card to use with what video equipment you want, best is to find a few options on camera's and see what the specifications are. I bet those guys you spoke to only do Intel.
    The Intel cpu is very slightly better for these tasks of video editing but not enough to justify spending all that money on such a system when you will be using it for home use only, even for small business it is not worth the expense for marginal speed. The quality is the same.

    The money you save will be enough to buy a good Gforce 3 graphics card with excellent software, and even the tv in/out set up.

    Most importantly you will need big disk space such as a raid setup and loads of memory, 512mb and higher.
    Best operating system at presnt is Windows 2000 pro. after much discussion with a few XP testers this week. Could even have a dual boot with Millenium edition o/s.
    Forget about TFT sceens too, CRT gives way better visability and clarity unless you are loaded and can afford plasma.
    Have another good read and look around...

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  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. It does make sense. I managed to get hold of Pinnacle systems technical. They produce the acclaimed studio dv software which is v.good for beginners. They also recommended the Intel over the AMD for the reasons you mentioned. However I think you are right in that you must take the cost into account. This makes the amd considerably more attractive at the moment. 1) I can't help thinking when software in the future is written utilising the P4s advantages this would increase the advantage over AMD even more, what do you think?

    2)If we agree that I go for an AMD, which motherboard is best to go for, because there is a myriad of them. Although having read a lot of the reviews and updates I feel I am none the wiser!
  3. Well the first bit of advice is to post this down lower in Overclocking sections and sections relevant to your query. Because without a doubt the usual Intel V' AMD trolls will come in and trash this thread in an instant. They fight and spit at each other they

    Anyway to your questions.
    I have a while bunch of ULead's editing software and it compares very well, thats my preference as I have not tried any the others that much.

    By the time affordable software is written to utilise the P4, AMD will have caught up with them. Unless you are making movies all day and use it proffessionally the difference isn't that much, as I said before about home use.

    If you have to build a system right now I would suggest <A HREF="" target="_new">ABIT's KG7 + raid motherboard</A>.
    This board holds a very large amount of DDR memory and has the Raid for fast access to storage hard drives, and easy configuration of settings as well..
    If you can wait another month a whole new faster Via chipset MB will be available. Suppose to be way faster.

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  4. That board will take the Athlon 1.4Ghz CPU too.

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  5. I am sorry I think you misunderstood me. When I said myriad of motherboards I meant there are many motherboards to choose from. Not the actual brand "MYRIAD". Sorry to have been vague. I hope this clarifies.
    I will look for an ABIT - Raid motherboard.
    I've heard the older VIA motherboard and chipsets are that good or stable. The new one is meant to be better, but much of the hype I have read is from VIA. Is this the the VIA KT266A?
    They mention the socket A motherboards FSB266, what's that? Is this better?
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