Practial Cooling

I've read it before, but what is considered the "Best Case" & "Best Power Supply"
for a AMD 1.4 Gig & beyond??? I'm running a 1 Gig. rig in an armoire & I can feel
the heat rolling out the keyboard drawer.

1. Should I cut a large hole in the back of the armoire?

2. Should I get the best case & power supply to reduce heat. I have 3 case fans
installed already.

3. Whats the best power supply & case combo for cool & Quiet???



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  1. Just cut a big hole in the back of the armoire, and that should help a lot.

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  2. 1st: Try to OC a little.
    If CPU temp doesn't go too much, you'r OK.

    2nd:Did you say 'keyboard drawer'? If your rig is inside
    your desk, put it out.

    Basicly, if it works, keep it as it is.

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  3. The problem is, the heat has to go somewhere. The cooler your CPU/system is, the hotter everything else will be. Get some exhaust fans, and run the ducting out to wherever you want to dump it.

    The best cool cases are the aluminum ones. The Lian-Li are the best designed, but the Cooler Master are supposed to be a little cooler. I'm planning on getting a Lian-Li sometime coming up.

    For a power supply, get an Evermax with the dual fans. That should help you out a bit. You could probably even pop it open and put in higher CFM fans, but be very very careful inside of there if you do. And I accept no responsibility, yadda yadda yadda.

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  4. Why don't you just get a water cooled solution and put the radiatior outside. All you would need is a large pump and a lot of tubing. You can buy heavy duty tubing for about 73c/foot. The inside of my case is around 32~35c that's because of my 10k hdd though. And the radiator doesn't get that hot. <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A> is a link to a site with prebuilt watercoolers. Just buy some extra tubing and some extra wire. Wire the fan to the radiator outside of your case and then you won't have the heat problem.

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  5. If your computer is in a small enclosed space that is bad.
    I would suggest putting it somewhere on the floor near the armoire.

    This might sound crazy but i run my webserver(P133 yeah!!) opencase.

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  6. Thanks Guys. Sorry It's been a bit since I've gotten back to this thread. Thanks for
    the water solution, I'll defiantly check out the link.

    FatBurger, I hadn't though of that. I could run a duct out to the hole that's already in
    the back of the armoire, but then it would just blast on the wall behind. I think it's
    only a couple of inches of clearance to the wall though. This power supply is a
    cheepo 300w though & that's why it builds up so much heat in the armoire. The
    good thing is the heat from the PSU doesn't get in the case. I can tell because where
    the case fans exhaust, it's cool air, however where the PSU exhausts it's HOT. The
    CPU is always in cool air supplied by the front case fan. I'm going to check out the
    Aluminum case & power supply you mentioned.

    Thanks much for the Info,


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  7. depending on the case, but many have very poor intake/exhaust vent designs.

    i myself cut out my rear case fan hole completely.
    end result, a fan that actually transfers heat to the outside, instead of recycling over half.
    3-4C lower mobo temps, 2-3C lower Cpu temps.

    space at the back of my case is only 2-3 inches, tops. its enough for the air to circulate though.

    as for PSU's, possibly the best around are the enermax brand.
    im looking to get one too.

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