Desktop click-and-drag selecter has turned invisible

My desktop click-and-drag selecter has turned invisible with black and white borders, it used to be blue. I know this isn't a major issue but i would like to get it fixed.
It occured after running a maintenance with IObit's Advanced System Care which removed junk files, broken shortcuts, etc. How do i get it back to normal?
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  1. sounds like it may be a themes issue

    right click desktop--click personalize and choose a different windows scheme to see if it sorts it
  2. I have tried that, doesn't work :??:.
  3. problem is the software could have done anything

    didnt it ask you when using it if you wanted to make a registry backup?

    i know tuneup utilities does so if anything goes wrong you can restore the back up

    how about using windows restore to a point before the problem?
  4. I don't remember it asking about any registry backup, if it would have asked that i would have made a backup.

    I was able to fix another problem that also occured, my Windows Media Player crashedd and couldn't play any files at all. I was able to fix that through Advanced System Care and now it works like it is supposed to. Wasn't able to find any similiar fix regarding the click-and-drag selecter (what is it really called?).

    A system restore has crossed my mind but is to much of a hassle just for that problem. I have many game saves that i need to backup if i would restore. Maybe it is possible to fix it without restoring?
  5. Here are the steps to restore content view while dragging
    Right click my computer
    Advanced system settings
    Go to advanced tab(you are on advanced tab by default)
    In the performance box click on settings
    Check show windows content while dragging

    P.S. some crappy software can cause this problem, I don't think it was caused by I O Bit advanced System Care though.
  6. Thank you so much! Was really bugging me.

    Have a nice day and thanks for your help guys!
  7. Always happy to help :)
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