Return my HP laptop for a Sager?(Gaming)

I was looking through the threads here and someone commented how the display isn't too great on the HP. I also feel like the display is lacking and it has bad viewing angles, so that inspired me to look around.

I current have the Dv6tqe with the 6770m:

I'm thinking about returning it(I'm still valid for the 21 day return policy) to get one of the Sagers, but I'm no expert so I would like to hear your opinions!

I found this Sager:

It seems on par with the HP except it has a much higher resolution and the graphics is 2gb DDR3. The price is also very similar. I'm not sure which is better for straight up gaming.

Now I know some people are going to tell me to look at this laptop, I've seen it around a lot on the forums:

That is one incredible machine, but I really cant afford to go over my $1000 budget. Battery life isn't a problem for me, but I will be carrying it around a lot. So I have a few questions for you guys:

1.) Will the np5165 play games better than the Dv6t(assuming both are run in native resolution)? The graphics seem similar but the sager has optimus and a greater resolution.
2.) How is Sager's warranty and return policy? Is it the same through Xoticpc? What's their reputation for build quality and such?
3.) How much of a performance difference(gaming wise) is the np8130 above the other two laptops? Is it enough to wait until I can afford to get it?
4.) If I decide to get a Sager, should I purchase a thermal compound? Or does xoticpc do it for me? I am a little uncomfortable opening up laptops.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello apav;

    All laptop notebooks with TN LCD panels will have bad viewing angles, including Sager NP5165. You'd have to upgrade to a premium IPS panel to get around that issue. I don't believe either HP dv6t or Sager NP5165 even offer an IPS panel.
    It's unlikely there is any 'visual quality display difference' to justify swapping.

    Radeon HD 6770M and GT 555M should be nearly identical in performance except for the the usual 'some games prefer AMD or some games prefer Nvidia' difference.

    (1) Sager NP5165 will play games 'worse' (in terms of lower FPS) than the HP Dv6t. That is because the GT 555M has to work harder with the 1920x1080 resolution LCD screen. Dv6t/HD 6770M/1366x768 will have higher FPS because of lower resolution LCD.
    (2) No real difference than HP warranty - except 3 years free labor. Standard among the 'botique buildes' like XoticPC. Excellent as you'd expect from a custom shop.
    (3) GTX 460 vs GT 555/HD 6770M difference which is quite a bit. GTX 460M or HD 6970M is better suited to 1920x1080 resolution. This is your call - not ours.
    (4) Thermal compound upgrade is not required but a nice option to get. Pay to have it done during initial assembly.
  2. Laptop Video Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

    In that long list of graphics cards:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M is ranked 26th.
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M is ranked 43rd.
    AMD Radeon HD 6770M is ranked 44th.

    In terms of performance your Dv6t/HD 6770M/1366x768 laptop will a better gaming machine and will game longer into the future with it's 1366x768 resolution LCD letting it play future games at higher FPS than the Sager NP5165/GT 555M/1920x1080.

    Resolution vs performance. Using desktop cards as example. Compare performance between 1280x1024 (1.3million pixels 1366x768 has 1.03 million pixels) and 1920x1080 (2.07 million pixels).
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