My PC turned off for no reason

I was on while doing my homework when I unplugged it and carried it to a different room. My PC was at 100% of battery and it just shut off. I turned it back on and it went through it's booting up and was fine just it never said to bring back any closed items. Maybe too much memory? Anyways I want to know what happened.
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  1. When you say shut off, how did it shut off exactly? Like a clean shut down "Windows is shutting down..." or like a power outage? From what you describe I guess you must be reffering to the second one. Well in this case, this could be a lot of things...

    - Could be a defective battery. Not because it says 100% means it is. I saw some batteries saying 100%, and when you unplug them they suddenly drop to 5%, only to fail a few seconds later...

    - You could have accidently pressed the power button, either on the laptop or in Windows while carrying it.

    - Sometimes PCs and laptops will automatically shut down because of overheating. Did you check your temps? CPUID Hardware Monitor is a good software for this.

    - Could be any other kind of intermittent hardware issue, bad CPU? bad motherboard? bad GPU? bad power supply? bad memory?

    Really hard to tell you what happened exactly...
  2. also check the bios to see if the lid shut is set for sleep or shut off.
  3. smorizio said:
    also check the bios to see if the lid shut is set for sleep or shut off.

    Good point I forgot about that too. Some laptop will automatically shut down or go to sleep when the lid is closed. Or even if he didn't close the lid while carrying it he could have accidentally put his hand on the lid close sensor.
  4. I found out what it was. My battery is not staying in well.
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