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AMD with heatsink without fan

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September 20, 2001 6:43:55 AM

Has anyone tested what happens if you run your AMD Athlon with a heatsink but the fan stops to work. I guess it will be pretty hot, but will the hardware be destroyed? That was one thing I wanted to read about in the recent article.

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a b à CPUs
September 20, 2001 8:16:52 AM

I tried it with a highly overclocked Duron.. no probs, the motherboard shut it down (MSI K7T Turbo bios 2.8). However, you MUST have bios support for this feature (not all motherboards do), and of course, you need to enable it. If you dont have BIOS support, you can always install a program as MBM5 that will shut down for you. But if you dont install such a program, and you dont have bios support, your CPU will go up in smoke.

I wouldnt trust a software only solution too much either. If your cpu locks up windows b4 it manages to shut down (software shut down can take a while on w2k eg), it will still burn. BIOS temp protection doesnt have this problem, as it will force your computer down (like pressing the power switch). It might result in loss of data though.

Best idea would be to bet on two horses. Install MBM5 and have it shut down immediately on cpu fan failure. Configure you bios to force power off if cpu reaches eg 70°. That way you may save both your data and the cpu/mb.

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September 20, 2001 8:31:18 AM

I underclocked my tbird to 500mhz and turned the fans off on my mc462. At full load, after ten minutes it reach 50c which is were I don't let any cpu reach so I turned the fans on. Tbirds should be able to run up to something like 70c without damage but I don't trust anything over 50c for me. I run the tbird at 500mhz with a vcore of 1.55. This makes the cpu put out 20.1 watts. A 1ghz tbird at 1.75v runs at 52.4 watts and a 1.4ghz puts out 72watts. I don't image it would take those too long at all to burn up without a fan...
September 20, 2001 11:22:41 AM

just enough time for the bios to shutdown. as its intended

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