Man this really sucks!!!

I've been reading from everywhere that people destroyed their AMD's while installing heat sinks. I used to think

"What kind of an idiot can destroy the die during H/S installation?"

Yesterday, I became one of those idiots. Now I can see why people are using shrims. While I was installing the ThermoEngine cooler, I cracked one of the edges of the core. So, my Duron 600 died (RIP).

Well, I was looking for an upgrade and the chip was dead cheap anyway, I wasn't too sorry for what happened.

Today I've ordered an Athlon 1GHz (266 FSB). My question is, do you guys know a way of safe installation of H/S without using those copper spacers? Maybe putting some plastic parts on top of CPU (not on top of the die) and remove them after locking up the clamps???


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  1. Just put it on straight down, without rocking it on and you'll be ok.

    I rocked on my HSF (without knowing better then), and my core is still alive and well. Strange how so many other people talk about their crushed cores.

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  2. Just make sure you put it on flat. If you have a tower, lay it down on it's side so that you can work from above the processor, not from the side. I have taken my HSF off of my Athlon many times and have never cracked my core. Just make sure you apply equal pressure and for God's sake don't roll the HSF.

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  3. buy some heatsink compund and put some on the die. Not only will it help transfer the heat better but it will also act as a cushion. I recommend Artic Silver II.

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  4. AMD has a heatsink installation guide somewhere on the site (my old link doesn't work).

    As others have said keep the heatsink level. That's what the little rubber pads are for, to help you. The key is, apply light pressure while you fasten each side of the clip. <b>Don't let the heatsink spring upward as you fasten the first side!</b>

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