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Can I live stream on with a HD Camera (Not a Webcam) On Youtube

Last response: in Windows 7
February 1, 2013 9:15:22 PM

I am planning to do a live stream on youtube about making my ultimate gaming pc but I want to do it with HD Camera I have a windows 7 laptop I am planning to connect the camera to the laptop and then live stream through my HD Camera
Can we do that?
And How?

Please Help!!
February 11, 2013 6:16:07 PM

1) If you are enabled to stream live on YouTube (go to Video Manager and see if you have a Live option).
2) Cameras: You can use a USB HD camera, a firewire HD camera, a WiFi HD camera; or with capture cards - other video formats such as HDMI or HD-SDI.
3) Encoding: You will need to encode the video for live streaming to YouTube servers. Wirecast for YouTube, and Flash Media Live Encoder are some live streaming encoders to use.

At this point there are no camera encoders (where the camera has a built in encoder) that stream directly to YouTube but hopefully Logitech's WiFi Broadcaster will update to allow this option (currently it will stream directly to Ustream).

Good luck!
Bern Rexer