Finally got - 150FSB!!!

Finally got there...
150 FSB!!! and some new Speed!

Got some new(more) memory - NewTrend Certified PC150 Cas 2
and OK - went to 150FSB first time, and seams solid.
Been tryin to get to 150 for about a year now with certified PC133 CAS 2, but 140 was all it would do...
Too bad Mobo wont go more than 150, I think it would do more!!!

Not bad for a cheap rig....

DFI TA64 mobo, PIII667 @751 (socket 370)
512M NewTrend PC150 CAS2
WD 40G - 7200
ATI Vidio
LinkSys NIC
HP 8100 CD-RW Burner(gettin old - but reliable)
Artec 16X DVD
xWave - Yahama DS1 sound, Altec Lansing AC33 speakers
Creative 56k modem Blaster
Win2000/IIS/SQL Server 2000/Office 2K Premium/V Studio
Full blown Dev/Remote Debug box
LinkSys DSL router

Temp 42C idle/48C max workin - 5000RPMHSF & lower case fan(Intake)
No voltage bump required.
Have never seen a blue screen on this box!!!
Smooooooooth, and now even zippier.

BIOS select and/or MoBo pin selects dont show any way to go above 150FSB.

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  1. Oops, Doom95 Hangs...
    About 10 secs into any episode an HANG...
    then gotta hit reset or power off for 5 sec - and it wont boot after that - gotta totally power off, I mean totally, turn off the power supply.

    Crap, games take it out!!!
    All seams OK in W2k Environment, but box that won't run Doom or Doom95 and what can I say...

    Back to 140FSB till I can work this out!!!

    Whats hangin up?
    After hangin in Doom95, hittin the reset button starts a reboot and it gets to the W2k pro splash, blinks then starts reboot again, a splash, blink, reboot loop...
    That old, slow ATI 8M 2x AGP Xpert???

    When I do totally power down, W2k comes back OK...

    Well??? Hummm....
  2. nice to see another that appreciates 150FSB.
    gotta remember though that your also overclocking everything else,
    at 150 your PCI devices are 37.5Mhz, and your agp card is doing 75Mhz.
    also the bus for your drives is oc'ed by the same extent too. as is the main controller (whatever the p3 equivalent of the northbridge is)

    yes... it could be your graphics card crapping out on you.
    GENERALLY newer devices are more able to handle an overclocked situation.

    Religious wars are 2 groups of people fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.
  3. Considering your system is generally older now...and running @ 150FSB puts everything out of spec, and u have an older coppermine P3 (i mean old batch stepping) it probably needs more voltage to run totaly stable....

    lhgpoobaa.......your signature really struck is SOO true......religion is just something to give people self-satisfaction....something to pray to/think about when times are tuff and "feel" like someone's there listening...

    man, i like that sig. though.......kudos to you bud....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  4. Quote:
    Religious wars are 2 groups of people fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.

    I love that sig too, too bad those morons kill innocents in their little contest.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
  5. yep. correct.

    thing is to them there are no innocents, just their side (good) and everyone else (bad)

    Religious wars are 2 groups of people fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.
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