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hi all,

after I formatted windows XP on my laptop (Acer Aspire 6930G), my Optiarc ad-7560S DVD writer won't write DVDs anymore (if I insert a DVD it considers it as a CD, and still won't write anything on it; CD writing goes fine, with normal Cds); I guess the problem might be the drivers or firmware, but after an hour search I still haven't found where to download them .____. any help? T________T
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  1. I've already tried that site but I was looking for something free...thanks anyway
  2. Did u try

    SATA AHCI Driver 3.1.1540.61 242.9 KB


    But, try
    This will check exactly what driver is missing or is old or bad, but it will show you what version driver is available to download and you can steer google to find it or buy driver genius. Or chat with Acer to help.
  3. yep, but still to no avail (no sign of the DVD on acer's site...but I did download some other stuff lol)...after googling a bit it seems to be a problem with Optiarc DVD writers, some models of which just don't recognize certain DVD-RWs .____.'
  4. Well, it sucks . Acer should be able to help you. Good luck.
  5. oh wait, I've solved it...I should have written 'Windows XP' doesn't recognize DVDs, since Nero does o___0
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