what does "stepping AXIA" mean?

I am this close *holds fingers close together* to buying a 1.2 tbird. At newegg.com there are two, both are 266 FSB, but one is a "Stepping AXIA processor" for 99 bucks and a normal one for 91 bucks, whats the diff?
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  1. AXIA's generally tend to overclock better.

    Its just a stepping.
    AXIA, AVIA and the new AYHJA stepping all
    overclock well.

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  2. axia sux compared to ayhja. i've never had a axia run stable at 1.4. the 1.33 athlon is ayhja and should run around 1.5.
  3. *shrug* I have a 1gig AVIA that I've been able to bring
    up to 1.42 at its best.

    But stupid NIC doesn't like the higher bus frequencies
    so its at 1.38

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  4. My 1.33 axia runs at 1.5 the average AIR COOLED overclock for a ayjha is 1.6ghz, they have a table at www.athlonoc.com explaining steppings and their overclocks.

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