Nice article written by a Mac user on Using Windows 7

This is a nicely written article, don't get me wrong I admit I am a windows man because of the things we do with the hardware, overclocking, gaming the availability of slew of softwares for any work I mean the list is endless but
Speaking objectively read this before posting I Request you.

Will Windows 7 stymie Mac OS X's growth? | The Digital Home - CNET News
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  1. Windows 7 is converting Apple fanboys. The Mayans were wrong, the end of the world is in 2009!
  2. ^ :lol: Priceless! Post of the Day!
  3. The comments are really where the fun starts... Mac fanatics and PC fanbois going at it. There's even a Linux evangelist trying to spread the word of the Penguin.

    It's always funny to me that Mac users consider MacOS X to be the best OS... period. It's even funnier when they suggest that they can use Windows via Bootcamp. Seriously... if you're going to use Windows more than MacOS... you're wasting your time and money buying a Mac. There's nothing really superior about it... other than the elitist attitude Apple seems to elicit from their "users".
  4. nice post
  5. poor idiot
  6. I don't know about his claim that Windows 7 will fundamentally reverse the trend, though I definitely could see a successful Windows 7 preventing any further erosion of Microsoft's market share by Apple. There are contributors to Apple's increase in market share that are not directly related to discontent with Windows Vista, one of the most significant being Apple's switch to Intel processors and chipsets.

    For too long, Apple has been held back by its attempt to co-develop the hardware, too. Though there was a time when PowerPC was equal to (some might say superior than) x86 processors and chipsets, that time has been over for several years now.
  7. I am a longtime Window user and have run everything from Windows 1.0 to the new Windows 7 Beta. I recently bought my first Mac and was very impressed at some of the innovations which OSX has. I was even more surprised when I installed Win7 and kept saying to myself they copied OSX on this on this on this. Microsoft and Apple both spark innovation from one another.

    As for those of you questioning why you would buy a Mac and run Windows on it are you kidding me. Do you know how much software won't run under OSX and will under Windows? Furthermore last I checked the only systems on the market that can run OSX are made by Apple. So if you even want the choice to dual-boot with Windows and OSX you have to buy a Mac.

    Interesting First Impressions of Windows 7 compared to OSX
    Wow the new taskbar works an awful lot like the OSX Dock.
    Ah look at those Windows Explorer windows they look like Finder too. No more Explorer with the tree view.
    Have you noticed the changes to UAC (User Access Control) guess what it only asks you to authenticate when you are actually making a change not just looking at the settings just like OSX.
    I also applaud the changed to the sidebar making all Gadgets free floating all the benefits of the Dashboard expect guess what I can look at my notes while I type in another program. I don’t like the momentary nature of the Dashboard.
    Finally there is the addition of the Credential Manager, don’t you just love MS names, which is an exact copy of the Keychain in OSX.

    This all being said if I have a choice of one operating system to run on a daily basis to get most of my tasks done, aside from gaming, I would choose OSX. Windows 7 is still Windows nothing has changed it has been refined but so has Vista I would like to hope 3 yrs. of development could make it a little more stable. It still crashes they still decide to move and redesign features that were already simple to find, and Microsoft sill wont write backward support for their new features. Yea you created this great new HomeGroup too bad I have to upgrade everything to use it. Oh yea are you going to integrate it with Windows Home Server, oh yea I forgot Microsoft departments don’t talk to each other.

    Primary Windows Machine
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    4gb Corsair XMS DDR2-800
    Asus P5B-Plus
    2x WD Raptor 74gb RAID 0 Windows Vista x64 Ultimate
    2x Seagate 640gb RAIO 0 Data Array
    1 WD GP 500gb Windows 7 x64 Beta
    GeForce 8600GT 512mb
    2x 20" Viewsonic LCD's

    Mac Mini
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8ghz
    4gb DDR2-667
    Acer 21.5” 1080p LCD

    Windows Home Server
    Intel Core 2 E6420 2.13ghz Dual-Core
    2gb DDR2-800
    Asus P5KPL-VM
    2x WD RE2 500gb

    Asus Eee PC1000
    Intel Atom N270 1.6ghz Single Core
    2gb DDR2-533
    Windows XP Home SP3

    And as one last note and cry to Apple
    Please please please make a NetBook
  8. The reason it doesn't make sense to buy a Mac to run Windows is because they are waaaaay overpriced for the level of hardware you get. I can put together a Windows box for under $1000 that will run circles around much more expensive Mac hardware. Now if you want OS-X, then yeah, it makes perfect sense to buy a Mac. However, if you spend more than 50 or 60% of your time in Windows... then you've wasted your money. Far be it for me to suggest that someone save themselves some money... but I do suppose it is yours to waste.

    It just amazes me that one of the biggest gripes people have against Windows is the price... and yet people pay a premium for a branded box.
  9. Quote:
    Now if you want OS-X, then yeah, it makes perfect sense to buy a Mac.

    That's debatable. You could get a Hackintosh. ;)
  10. I've been using Windows 7 beta as my primary OS for about a month now (or since whenever the beta first came out), and I've been very impressed with it. I liked (and still like) Vista, and Windows 7 seems to be Vista, but faster, more stable, and with more cool stuff. I never would've tried Vista on my single-core Athlon 64 machine, but Windows 7 runs as fast as (possibly faster than) XP on my machine, and it doesn't look like an 8-year old OS.

    My sister has a white plastic MacBook (bought last summer), and while it's a nice machine, the only real advantage of OSX in my opinion is the iLife suite; while Windows photo gallery in Vista and W7 is alright, Movie Maker is a sorry excuse for a video editor.

    One great aspect of Vista and Win7 which I haven't heard many people talk about is how Windows update actually gets drivers for your hardware. The first time I installed Vista, I was extremely impressed by how quick and easy it was; Windows Update offered me chipset and graphics drivers the first time I ran it. With XP, on the other hand, you can spend a day trying to find a driver for every damn piece of hardware; the ethernet won't work until you've installed the chipset drivers from that CD which "must be somewhere around here".
  11. I have to say I find this kind of debate tiring and nonsensical. I'll submit no opinion initially, just a simple fact or two about my most recent setup - a triple boot NC10 netbook. I also upgraded Ubuntu to 9.04 yesterday. Just for giggles I measured the length of time it took to get to a useable desktop.

    Ubuntu - approx 34 secs. (initial RAM usage 20%)
    Mac OS X (Hackintosh)- approx 45 secs. (haven't measured RAM yet)
    Vista - approx 2 minutes (initial RAM usage 78%)

    Also, the size of the Vista install is double the size of the others (and it needs to be).

    I honestly think Vista is a great operating system that has been ruined by its lack of speed. It is awful. It's also why my primary OS is now Ubuntu. OS X is also an awesome OS. Sadly this is spoiled due to the lack of available software. OS X and Ubuntu both run very quickly even on the Atom processor. Vista is just slow, slow, slow.

    My opinion is this. OS X is the best overall operating system. But I rarely use it. This is why. For day to day use Ubuntu satisfies all my needs with ease. It's fast, looks good and I don't have to arse around cracking software left right and centre, and then worrying about malware. Anything that it doesn't achieve can only really be achieved in Windows, due mainly to the choice of software. This will of course vary depending on your needs and you may not agree. I for one think the flaming is pointless. All are very capable in different ways and I don't see why we shouldn't endeavour to use them all if we can.
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