What is your favourite car?

Hello people's. Just wondering what everyone's favourite cars are. Mine is the VX Commodore atm. Post links of your favourites :)

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  1. Can't narrow it down for me so I'll just list a few an list them from unreasonable to realistic.

    Money no object only one answer for me, the road legal version of the Panoz GTR-1 race car.

    more photos here http://www.forocoches.com/foro/showthread.php?t=79872

    Vector W8, mock it all you want but you can't deny it looks bad ass.

    De Tomaso Mangusta, everyone loves the Pantera but I just think these are extremely pretty cars.

    Renault R5 Turbo II, love these little things, can't get much cooler then a mid engine hot hatch.

    Delorean DMC-12, I've been in love with these ever since I was a little kid, got to sit in one for the first time at a car dealership a few months ago while helping my bro look for a new car. I can guarantee that if I had the money I'd have bought it then and there, wasn't in the best shape but who cares its a delorean!

    Pontiac Fiero, yah I know not the greatest car in the world but I've test driven a few and they all did the exact same thing a great majority of the cars I've driven don't do, it put a huge grin on my face and thats all that matter. I would love to have one of these.

    There are many more I could list but I wanted to keep this short.

    edit: darn didn't realize there was any sort of limit to the number of pics that could show up oh well at least the links work.
  2. nice choices :D
    I can't wait to get my L plates this year. I plan on getting a '98 or '99 Mitsubishi Lancer but if my parents don't let me it looks like there will be some under the counter dealing lol.
  3. Toyota MR2 Turbo - I had one for 8 years and the combination of speed (I tweaked mine to over 300bhp), reliability (in those 8 years I spent maybe £200 on non-service breakdown items), fun handling and everyday usability were unbeatable for me. I sold it with the intention of going to an NSX or maybe a V12 DB7 (£25k for a great condition V12 Aston is very tempting), but I would feel like a berk driving those everyday. The little tubby fitted in everywhere without being OTT and gave me 95% of the performance an NSX would.
  4. most all 50s, 60s, and 70s usa cars are awesome
  5. for sheer outrageous factor - Porsche 935.
    Lancer is a good buy for a learner, just don't go all 'doof doof' and fit an Evo kit, keep it tidy and you can do plenty.
    otherwise get an Impreza sedan - obviously no turbo for you yet, but spend your money on MRT or STi suspension and brake upgrades, then go turbo when you get your open licence.
    Avoid the VX - sorry, but they are crap, VE is still awful - I have tested them all for newspaper, Falcon much better, go for a BA/BF XR6 if you have the cash.
  6. You know what, I've always wanted one of the earlier VW transporters...

    the t3, the boxy one. Just look at the variation!

  7. 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Ls6 w/ 4 speed. Highest horsepower car built on a production line. That's what I want.

    Or maybe a 67 cobra 427. I would even take the AC equivalent and drop the 427 in myself. After I re solidified the frame...
  8. Ferrari 599
  9. Well my favorite car I've driven is my Subaru SVX, I can drive more 8 hours on this and be comfortable... not so on my other cars. My 89 Cougar comes next but not good on winter. RX7 are nice but only for summer.

    Favorite car I didn't own... I don't know, didn't driven one yet.
  10. Nissan GT-R P800 :-) drove one a couple weeks ago....800HP = WOW
  11. 1. Wiesmann GT

    2. Audi S5

    3.BMW 8-series

    #Mod edit: removed a link to a site now considered as hosting malware
  12. My "dream car" has always been the Porsche 911. When I "grow up" and retire, I plan to buy an older model and restore to its original condition.
  13. Mercedes Benz SL65 Black Series. Best Car ever.
  14. The only cars on this list so far I'd really go crazy for would be the panoz, Wiesmann GT,and the BMW 850. I'm guessing that Witches Jelly hasn't been in a Pantera before because they ride like crap, horrible car. I drive a 1 1/2 ton service truck on ice roads up in northern Canada and I thought the ride sucked. Then the Vector W8 is a cool looking car but horribly built and poor handling from what I understand. I put the vectors a little above the Bricklins and a Delorean. My dream garage would have a 1968 VW safari van( the 21 window), E30 M3, 911GT3 RS, 2011 F250 Diesel, and possibly a Pagani Zonda if I had an extra million or two lying around. Another noteworthy mention is the Maserati MC12. My cousins buddy half owns one, worth about $1,500,000 cdn i guess, but it's an amazing car. Never met him, never got to sit in it, but I see it every now and then outside my condo. Also the E30 in my dream garage would have an engine swap to the twin turbo inline six out of the 335i, blasphemy i know but it's my dream garage.

    Didn't see the 1970 Chevelle 454 up there. Good call, I think it was the LS6 option that had the 450hp stock. Going along with the dream garage you might as well opt for the Yenko version. Damn forgot about muscle cars, my dream garage just doubled in size.
  15. I'm drooling over Lexus LF-A
  16. Probably a restored origional mustang convertable for me.
    The new mustangs, cameroes, and challengers are pretty sweet also.
    I did own a nissan 280z turbo in the early 90's and it rocked,
  17. I love my Corolla Altis.
  18. Since I have a family I'd have to go for the M5 for practicality and fun, right now I own the e46 330d m-sport saloon as a family car, and I have to say its really practical and fun to drive.
  19. Corvettes... and Packards...

    I do have a soft spot for Ferrari, but they are not a daily driver, really.
  20. I like old 1969's Dodge with V8 engine. Its really an amazing car with great sound. But its too expensive for me. :(
  21. My favourite is the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, preferably in red and 'convertible'.

    Best car... ever!
  22. One that takes me from point A to point B :)
  23. Normaly i dont like american muscle cars to much but i love the shelby cobra!!

  24. Money no object?
    Over 1000bhp and one of the rarest cars


    F1 car for the road
  25. I love my own car, toyota supra
  26. Ferrari 512BB
  27. My favorite car its FOR SURE Nissan Skyline R34 :D
  28. How about these funky builds!

  29. ^Favorite car I agree...Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Supersport. 8 LIter engine, V16 and 1200 horsepower. The website says 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds...although I hardly believe that.

    Favorite car that is within a reasonable price range...BMW M6.
  30. 1996 Toyota Hilux 2.5L v6 Turbo <3
  31. So many expensive cars............
  32. Dream car would be a 1969 Camaro SS.

    Otherwise a more realistic and obtainable car would be either a Nissan GTR or a Ford GT.
  33. dream car would be a 1969 fastback with a silver and blue twin racing strip paint job and a 429 motor

    but for now I'm already building my fun car :p

    a 351 custom built fuel injected motor with a supercharger, dual 3 inch exhaust, performance suspension, Highway gears and a 5-speed manual transmission. all of that in a black fox body mustang with the 93 nose and a red and black themed interior.

    hehehe, it going to be lean, mean and one hell of a fun car to drive :sol: .
  34. James296 said:
    dream car would be a 1969 fastback with a silver and blue twin racing strip paint job and a 429 motor

    but for now I'm already building my fun car :p

    a 351 custom built fuel injected motor with a supercharger, dual 3 inch exhaust, performance suspension, Highway gears and a 5-speed manual transmission. all of that in a black fox body mustang with the 93 nose and a red and black themed interior.

    hehehe, it going to be lean, mean and one hell of a fun car to drive :sol: .

    Sweet - enjoy.
    I loved Mustangs back in the day but never owned one.
    I did have 2 Nissan 280s in the late 80s early 90s and they were fun to drive.
    Have fun,
  35. Any Corvette and 1960's Pontiac GTO's
  36. A true classic

  37. If I could have any car ever, I'd take a Lexus LFA. Not because it's light, fast, expensive or because of it's sound (which is incredible) - because it's perfectly engineered. It's body is well designed, the engine is precisely tuned, and the dashboard is futuristic "because it has to be" according to Lexus. Of course it would take me forever to come up with the money to buy one, but it's not about the money in this case.

    I don't know which color I'd pick. Black/matte black would be a good choice because of the black/red interior, but the white looks the best externally. The white just doesn't go with the interior though...
  38. I like my honda accord 2010..

  39. dodge ram 2500 i6 24v with common rail. quad cab, long bed, HD. with off road upgrades.
  40. Rolls Royce Phantom 102EX


    The statue retracts.
  41. my fiesta mk3 :) lol
  42. Subaru sti is my dream car, I love to drive that car because it’s fully racing, modification is superb and the performance to.
  43. Porsche 911 turbo is my all-time favourite car which has high performance but easy to drive.
  44. Nissan GTR is my favorite car, because GTR is fully with superb latest technologies.
  45. *1993 mustang cobra - id love to drop a 347 stroker in one, i think they're gorgeous
    *2004 terminator cobra - just wicked in all aspects
    *1987 iroc-z camaro
    *1972 chevrolet nova - my dad had one when i was growing up that he put a 396 chevelle motor in that he built, my god, if he was in the pedal you were in the seat
    *1967 gt 500 elanor clone
    *1970 charger
    I could go on further... but my all time most wanted would be....

    The 2011 Shelby gt 500 super snake ;p
  46. Toyota Camry is my loving car. it is a global bestseller from Toyota. Its an amazing executive sedan, just a bit on the pricey.
  47. GT500
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