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hello all. i want to share the life of a pc gamer. what is your job?for casual/serious gamer, how do u divide your time between job duty, family, and gaming time. share it. :)
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  1. I'm a network administrator and work 40-45hr per week. I'd consider myself a casual gamer since I don't anxiously grab up every new game that comes out.

    After getting home from work, I'm usually hungry and have to cook dinner alot of the time. Have to hang out w\ the wife. Usually I'll sneak off around 8:30-9 and do my thing.

    Currently I'm 55-60 hours into dragon age origins. I was attempting to goto bed early last night, and set my alarm for 1hour and 15 minutes when i started playing.... needless to say I snoozed it and played for another hour + :(
  2. I work IT 40 hours a week at a bank. Work is sometimes slow, so I find myself on Tom's a lot. :)

    I used to game a lot. I was really into starcraft and all the C&C/red alert games. Now I only game a couple hours a week. Between the wife, work, and Tom's, I don't have as much time for games like I used to.
  3. yeah, i should immitate you all. i think we should be casual gamers. me for example always cant devide my time wisely between gaming and studying. i am always gaming till midnight and at the next morning i'll be wake up lately and miss my class over years. still cant manage my time properly.
  4. Interesting topic.

    a bit different from you guys, I work in real estates, which doesn't have anything in common with gaming or computer hardwares at all. I work almost 60 hours a week, have a attention hungry girlfriend at home. I too have a tough time managing my game time.

    I usually try to get 3~4 hrs of gaming a day. I would come home, eat and supposedly spend quality time with the wife. If the evening goes smoothly I'll get a few hours of gaming while she "socializes" on facebook before bedtime. Boring life...
  5. IT tech at a private primary school. (+TA +after-school carer) about 48hrs a week.

    My work life finishes outright as soon as that last bell goes. I have nothing to do outside of work, so I get decent gaming time regardless of work.
  6. I'm a MS Exchange engineer for a domain that's 700,000 mail enabled users in which we forward mail for them, and an additional 30,000 mailbox enabled users. I also administer another domain which is 90,000 mailbox enabled users. Both domains span the entire continental US as well as areas outside the US. There are about 10 of us so I'm busy with work alot.

    My wife games with me from time to time but since we had our daughter neither one of us really game all that much. Maybe 1 hour a week or so.
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