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I am trying to link my camcorder or computer to a TV via s-video. The TV only has composite inputs (yellow, red, white RCA type plugs) but I have a Yamaha RX-v1070 reciever that has s-vid and composite inputs and outputs. So I try...

I connected the s-vid cable from the camcorder "s-vid out" to the reciever's "VCR1 s-vid in". I then connected the composite video cable from the reciever's "monitor out" to the TV's "video in" and there was no picture.

If I change the output from the camcorder to composite (instead of s-vid) I can get a picture without changing anything else... but my computer doesn't have the composite vid option, only s-vid.

So... is the reciever simply incapable of converting s-vid to composite vid? Is there any way (adapter chuck thingy) to convert s-vid to composit video?
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  1. I seem to remember seeing an svid to rca converter somewhere. Try going to radio shack or something, they usually have that kind of stuff.
    Make sure your receiver is switched to the correct device, VCR1 I'm assuming.

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  2. Yeah, just found those converters. I'm just shocked that the receiver doesn't convert! It does plenty of other things, it just doesn't make sense that a $5 converter will do the job but they couldn't build it into the receiver!

    BTW, RadioShack $23... misc cable shop or online $4... I can't tell the difference!
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