Xp mode setup?

Read as much as I could before my next build but can't determine the following.

If i go with Win7 pro 64, using an XP mode compatible CPU, (i7-920), is the Xp layer installed separately? if so do you have to specify if you are needing 64 XP or 32 XP?

Also, I have migrated to a few different hardware setups, complete builds, without reinstalling XP by removing the hardware tricks in device manager,) or something like that , it's been a while since the last one) and let XP find all the hardware drivers for the new build, it has saved me many hours of reinstalling apps over the years, I 'm typing from it now, and it is a super stable OS and machine, very happy with it. but its only an AMD 64 4800, it's maxed and to slow for current needs.

So the question is, is there a way of running this current disk image inside Win7 Xp mode or some other VM ware as it is, so that my app laden OS C image can still live as I migrate everything over to WIN 7 over time like I have done in the past with newer machine builds?????? Does this make sense?

The only other way I know I can do this is with a dual boot setup or just run this current box next to the new Win 7 machine with a KVM switch sharing the monitor, etc.

I'm just wondering if there is a way to integrate onto one new machine for the interim my current OS app within win7
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  1. Nope. You willl have to many issues going from amd to intsl and xp mode is built into win7 so you dont need your disc for xp.
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    XP mode is a separate download from Windows 7. You will get the license to run it in the box with either the Pro or Ultimate versions, but no install media... you must go download it to make use of it. To my knowledge, it won't support custom images, so if you wanted to load your own XP image, you'd have to install your own virtualization software.
  3. Currently win 7RC users have to do a seperate dl to get the xp mode functionality so I believe Zoron is right.
    The different processors won't be so much of an issue but the low level drivers for the different chipsets probably will be. Not all of the drivers will be listed in device manager, you may get lucky and not have any issues. But do you really think you'll get the best performance this way?
  4. best performance, no, not at all.

    To simplify my question after more thought is this.

    to be able to run my current c drive OS and Apss image within win 7 as it is functioning now on this computer.

    The reason for this is to have a seamless transition with my current work load as I install more and more apps into win 7 and begin working with them in the new OS.

    As I do this there will come the time that I will be operating in the win 7 environment only

    so does anyone know a way to

    run my current c drive OS and Apss image within win 7 as it is functioning now on this computer withou having to dual boot?
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