Connection lost with SP1

I installed service pack 1 for Windows XP and ever since my net connection won't connect above 35 Kbps where as before I installed the update I was always getting connected at 45 Kbps. Has anyone had this sort of problem with installing this update or does anyone know what could be causing the problem?

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  1. service pack 1 SHOULD not have any effect on bandwidth, but if your experiencing that now, you could always run the sytem restore to prior to installing the SP1. Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools ->System Restore...
  2. I had the same problem try the following, it might work:
    1.- Use only TCP/IP protocol, no sharing protocols if it's stand alone PC
    2.- Do not use modem compression, use only software compression, you'll see the difference
    3.- Do not use " Enabled LCP extensions" use only the other settings on the PPP windows
    4.- use the shortest telephone cable possible
    5.- use only the modem telephone connection.
    6.- Finally make sure, your modem is using the latest drivers for Win XP for your modem
    7.- Good luck :)

    Just as I am :)
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