Some advice please....

I have post poned upgrading until now and I am looking to get an Athlon 1.4ghz 266fsb processor, I will also be getting DDR Ram.

I need to know the best MoBo for the money that supports the above items.

Also I am insearch of a good case with a 350watt PS if anyone could recommend a decent one it would be much appreciated. I dont want to spend more than 150 on a case though the cheaper the better as long as it is decent.

Thanks in advance...
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  1. not sure about mobo cause i'm still deciding on what i'm going to do, but for cases, i say in-win has the best built cases/psu around. they run about $60-80(US), very well built.
    i have the q500, it came with a 350w/ps, but i went and got another sparkle 400w.

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  2. Dumb question here but do I need to install Ram in pairs with the KG7 Mobo? I was thinking of only getting 256megs in a single dimm per machine, I am building 2. Will I need to get each machine 512mb of ram if I want to use 256mb dimms?

    Thanks again for any help
  3. nope, ddr ram doesn't need to be paired, 1 stick each of whatever will be fine.

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  4. 1 stick, ddr has no parody, also the kr7 raid is coming in a few weeks, if stable it should give a 25% performance increase over the kg7 with the same ddr memory!

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  5. As far as your decision on the motherboard, it depends on what you want. If you want to overclock, raid..... However, if you just want a stable, fast mobo why not get one with the SIS 735 chipset. Read this article For $65 you can get the ECS K7S56A (or something close to that model name) and it outperforms the mobos with the AMD 761. Anyway, it's just an opinion and worth looking into I think. Also, you have probably read the recent articles about the VIA Apollo KT266a chipset and I think I read somewhere in the forum on anandtech that mobos will come out by the end of this month. I don't know how accurate that is but maybe you might want to wait a week or so to find out. Hope the suggestions helped!

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  6. I thank you all very much for your information.

    I am building a couple of gaming rigs, I will not need raid or anything that special :)

    Price is a factor, I would love to build a couple of computers for under $1500. I have sound cards and 1 video card I am going to re-use from my old rigs. ***Question***
    I have 2 old Aureal cards based off of I believe the vortex 2, is there any compatability probs with these and the AMD? They work fine for now if they are compatible, it would save me 200 from buying 2 SB lives.

    Anyway I need to have them up/running/problem free by the 10th of October.

    I certainly dont need top of the line stuff. Though I would like a -decent- mobo since it is so important.

    I am going to go with the processor/Ram mentioned in the first post of mine. Still not sure on a case, In-winn was suggested though I dont see a place to order or customize the boxes. What I looked at said they shipped with 200/300watt PS. I need at least a 350 or 400 I am guessing running AMD and Geforce cards. I am getting a 20gb IBM hard drive ATA 100/7200rpm for both machines. A couple cheap cd-rom/floppy drives. Looking for one video card around $150 that is decent. The only other things I need is the fans to keep these AMD's cool. Suggestions here welcome also.

    Heck if someone has a good setup with the 1.4ghz AMD Machine I would love to here it.

    Thanks again everyone!

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  7. I don't there problems with AMD, but there are compatability problems with VIA and your Vortex2 sound cards.

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