Toshiba laptop problem

My toshiba A300d laptop just stopped working after installed new window vista updates, on restart my laptop did not turned on.

Power is on it indicate all the lights but show blank screen and doesn't boot on the main screen, also fan try to turn on and stops after 2 seconds.

I cleaned the fan and did every thing possible but don't know what to do.

Please help.
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  1. Amazing……i have no idea,if i were you,i will reinstall op system
  2. Try this: Pull the battery and reseat both memory modules. If this fails, start up with only one module if you have two in there. It's been my experience Toshiba laptops can be a little finicky sometimes when you suddenly change settings on them. If it starts back up, try booting with both memory modules.

    Also, how did you try cleaning the fan?
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