opinions peeps possible overheating

I built a system for my daughter (7) lol out of bits that I had hanging around and some new bits...basically:

Gigabyte mainboard
128 pc133
750 duron
creative tnt2 ultra

every so often the sodding thing will corrupt its harddisk and I have to reinstall win 98 (and everything else)...I'm thinking its the case. the power supply sits only about an inch away from the cpu cooling fan. I put an extra case fan in but it still happens Grrr...
What do you think?


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  1. I'm not sure but it sounds like you got a faulty harddisk. Are you getting bad sectors? If you are, after you install win 98 do a surface check on it. Better still format it clean, plug it onto your pc check it and then plug it back onto your daughter's pc and reinstall

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  2. Is your power supply well vented? A cheap ps will have fewer vents around the cover, causing the cpu temps to run 3-6 degrees higher.
  3. Make sure you have the 4 in 1's installed!

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  4. I had a Seagate Medalist drive that would do that every 6 months or so. Drove me nuts, thinking I had a bad mboard or memory or some such. It would hang during the Windows ScanDisk (not the DOS version).

    Turned out to be a bad drive. Since it was only a 4 gigger, no loss. :-) Maybe make a windchime out of it. LoL

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