Win 98 on new Win XP computer will it work?

Hi, my new Win XP won't play any of my old games. Dos mostly. I tried extra HD and dual rebooting. No good.
I decided to buy a new computer (deals to good to pass up)
but replace with Win 98 and go from there.
This would be a new 1.7 Celeron system chipset.
Do you think it would work?

Please advise.

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  1. WinXP has problems with old DOS games, true. For DOOM II I had to get the emulated Zdoom version off the web. I do think however you might be able to run them, if you used a Win95-98 boot disk and boot into pure DOS, and run from there? I never tried but would be interesting to know how it does. Otherwise install Win 98 first then WinXP, have two OS (Dual booting), two partitions.

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  2. Best thing to do is to install both 98 and xp. First u must install 98, better on the second partition (D:). After that install xp on the first partition (C:). Don't try to install both OS on the same partition. or you'll have to do it again. After that, use the dual boot menu xp provides for choosing xp or 98 to boot. And IMO is better not to do many changes to your file system with 98 (delete many files or partitions, run defrag or system utilities like Norton Systemworks. It can do quite a mess in XP.
    Also, for old games that are quite popular u should be able to find on the internet paches for xp.

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