Athlon and heat (again)

Hello all,
First time poster so excuse me if this has been covered somewhere.

I was reviewing the article about the AMD meltdown and the insane tempertures the Athlon CPU achieves when the HSF was removed. I was more curious as to how cool (or hot) an Athlon (1200mhz 266FSB) should run with the HSF attached. I'm worried if my system is running to hot. I have some software (Sandra) that gives me a temp reading while the machine is up and running and I can get a reading from the BIOS. The article showed an Athlon running at ~90 degrees. I am nowhere near that cool. What is an average running temp for Athlon systems? 125? 150?

Hoping to avoid a meltdown,
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  1. hi, dont takew too much notice of that article, unless you didnt bother to put a heatsink on!
    I dont know about degrees F, but around 50C or so under load is considered by most to be the highest "acceptable" temp, 60C being too high, though a few people run this temp with no problems, your case temp has a lot to do with it, decent case cooling can knock quite a few degrees off your cpu temp.

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  2. Kazarr if you want to avoid a meltdown....amdmeltdown that is, you shouldnt title your posts so provacativly. ;-)

    As for temps if it dosent lock up its fine.

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  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I ran some different tests regarding the case cooling. As strange as it sounds my machine runs cooler with one side panel of the case removed. I know its a bad idea to do so because things (dust, moisture, small animals) can get inside but I was trying some different scenarios.

    I'll look into a better case fan.

  4. if it runs cooler with the side off, its a sign of poor case ventilition.
    Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we removed amdmeltdowns heatsink? Hopefully a meltdown lol what a good idea

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  5. Removing meltdowns heatsink would LOWER his tempratures, remember he trained at the AMDMELTDOWN SCHOOL OF HEATSINK APPLICATION, his heatsink is on so badly it is insulating his tbird, which is why he gets all those pools of molten silicon......he thinks its amds fault but maybe its just his stupidity.

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  6. Dude, remember that your Athlon is slowly cooking it self, it is no difference than one which burns up in a second, every day you boot up-you are walking on thin ice!(you wish!)

    no matter how reassuring the AMD fanatics are to you, you will never know when your cpu will meltdown and they don't give a rats a$$ when it does, they'll call you an idiot.

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  7. ever since I kicked AMD to 'da curb all return sales went up by ~20% and all the techs are happy joy joy, working on non-AMD stuff, only few RMA's (drives, cdroms, ram) the nightmare of AMD is pretty much over!

    no more RMA's from eBay, joy, joy, joy!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  8. shut up you ass

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  9. Is it possible for you to go a whole week with out trolling?

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  10. <font color=blue>"Dude, remember that your Athlon is slowly cooking it self, it is no difference than one which burns up in a second"</font color=blue>


    Don't fall to FUGGER's level. That statement is a bit exagerated. Any facts to prove that? My Tbird averages 42c 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. My 3 Intel machines average 38c over the same period.

    Slowly burning to death? Your cognitive abilities, perhaps.

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  11. Jibigg, meltdown would have to fall UP to get to FUGGERS level, he is an arrogant little toad, who from his above post seems to believe that the mcdonalds he works at sells computers instead of big mac's.


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