Advanced boot options

i dont how but since yasterday my netbook wont start without showing me the advanced boot options menu
ive tried all the options in the menu but its not going away.
the menu has:
repair your comuter

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt

enable boot loggint

and more, the last option is start windows normally and when i choose that one everything is OK
the windows works as usuall.

but i cant get rid of that boot menu.
wont mind some help :p

thanks ahead!
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  1. Go to Start - Run - type "msconfig" and enter.
    Go to Boot tab, all options should be unclicked, go to advanced options button, all options should be unclicked on that too. Click ok and reboot.
  2. No, still when i restart it i get that menu.../:
  3. Go to Control Panel, System, Advanced System Properties, Startup and Recovery. Select OS from dropdown menu and unclick the display times or reduce it to 0.
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