Cpu from bad to good.

It sometimes seem funny to read the threads concerning muscle/cpu power. A lot of people out there still have 500mhz celly/k6-2. I´m pretty sure even a 1.3ghz on a 845mb would be quite an improvement.

My advice don´t forget what you are upgrading from, don´t let the mhz fight get the better of you.

One question....
Which cpu runs at the lowest temperature.
1.7ghz p4
1.4ghz t-bird
I live in a small room and all my gear is constantly turned on (tv-stereo-computer ect.) Every bit of lower temperature counts.
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  1. the P4 runs at lower temps with out the need for extravagant cooling solutions and has a beautiful thermal protection mechanism that will save your investment.

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  2. Last time I checked, the most I could gather was that the Athlon 1.33GHz (.18u) consumes slightly more power than the P4 1.7GHz (.18u). Even that was a rough guesstimate based on an nth-best-polynomial calculation--info was hard to get from either company at the time.

    If you want low heat dissipation, I suggest you get a Pentium III. P4's and Athlons at .18u probably consume about the same amount of power to get the same amount of work done--whereas PIII's at .18u consume about half the wattage as an Athlon and only benchmark slightly worse, clock-for-clock. Tualatins should draw even less wattage.


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  3. Iwas wondering if anyone has any comment to my statement, that the for most prople the ghz race is pure overkill..

    Thx. for the info on temp...
    I´m probably going to upgrade to an intel cpu of somekind.
    P3/P4 ( and yes i´m sticking with sd-ram for now!!!!)
  4. Get a 1ghz tbird, its temps are fine and wont overheat your room, and it will have tons of power. Your only other choice is a 1.3-4ghz p4(in the same heat range) and those chips both suck ass. AND cost twice as much.

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  5. I recommend getting Tualatin or Northwood. Tualatin is out now, Northwood should be out soon. Both will generate less heat than an Athlon, or original P3/P4.

    Most of us realize that MHz/GHz isn't the only measure of speed. That's ceased to be a debate point (thankfully). But the issue of Intel vs. AMD is something that rages on. Be careful, you don't want to step in the...

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  6. Do you know any sites i can find that says something about cpu temp...
    (don´t say tom´s I´m not going to remove the heatsink) lol...
  7. Both Intel and AMD post datasheets about power consumption et al for their CPUs. Intel's datasheets are usually easy to find at <A HREF="http://support.intel.com/" target="_new">http://support.intel.com/</A> (you'll need Acrobat Reader), but AMD's datasheets have become rather harder to get lately. To get AMD's datasheets, you need two plugins--an Acrobat Reader plugin for your browser, then a SmartPDF plugin for Acrobat. Most of us (including me) already have the Acrobat plugin, but not the SmartPDF plugin; I for one really can't be arsed to go d/l another plugin right now. :tongue:


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  8. I for one do not think it is overkill. While I do understand that MHz does not translate directly into usable speed, I need all the speed I can get. I'm running a 4 pass mpeg2 to mpeg4 conversion which can take up to 24hours of CPU time at 100% CPU load on a 1.3GHz for one 3 hour movie. More power Scotty!
  9. My statement about overkill was obviously not intended for people who did mpeg4 conversion. I meant people doing word/outlook what ever.

    I for one am totally hooked on power
    "let the Mhz roll" (P4/t-bird)
  10. possibly.
    pure Mhz for Mhz sake (dare i say p4 2Ghz) is a waste.

    for those that just cruze the web, read emails, play a bit of music, write word documents, a 500 - 1000Mhz processor sould be more than adequate.

    for high end apps and games though grunt is needed... and will continue to be needed as games increase in complexity and eye-candy volume :).

    but yes... i think the Mhz race is/was a bit pointless

    and intel intentionally designing a processor that runs faster but sacrifices efficency is not good design in my books.

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  11. Got any kind of evidence to back up that twice the performance of amd statement?

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  12. Ack, my bad.

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  13. Quote:
    The PIII 866 system:
    SiSoft Sandra 2001 Performance Rating was 1020
    Mad Onion 3D Mark 2001 was 1072

    The P4 1.6 system:
    SiSoft Sandra 2001 Performance Rating is 1914
    Mad Onion 3D Mark 2001 is 1951

    Which specific Sandra test is that?

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  14. There's two different CPU tests. I was wondering which is which. The top bar (without the pull-down menu next to it) is your score, the other four are the comparision scores.

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  15. Quote:
    Reference System: VIA KT133A/PC133 CL2 SDRAM
    Int ALU/RAM Bandwidth: 507MB/s
    Float ALU/RAM Bandwidth: 565MB/s

    My results on a KT7a-RAID with generic PC133 CAS3 RAM are about 100 higher on each one. Sandra gives averages for some benchmarks, and maximums for others, it seems like.

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  16. I still have a PIII 800 and a TNT2 Ultra, which is posting 1700 2001 3d Marks. (With PC100 SDRAM). So it suits be well enough. Has served me well etc etc. All the same I almost feel attached to it. Will be sorrow to put it out to grass when that 2.2 GHz Northwood and a dual channel DDR solution comes along some time next year. (Please God)

    But as a newly started Electronic Eng. Student, it me old system can't quite hack running some of the hard core simulation programmes.
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