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win2k/2 CPU/50% consumption alltime..why?

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September 25, 2001 11:39:37 AM

got a system running under win2k (sp2) with 2 slot-1 p2 800's.
When the system is idle, one cpu is still always at 50% usage (looking at performance monitor).

There are no abnormal threads displayed from when the system worked properly.

I have seen this problem mentioned before but can't remember where it was.

So..can any1 indicate what might be plugging up 1 of the processors?
September 25, 2001 1:13:50 PM

can't remember what the solution was before.

But if you look at the processes running.. what is
the one that is taking 50% CPU?

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September 25, 2001 4:52:23 PM

That's just it..there is no process taking 50%
September 26, 2001 9:52:11 AM

performance monitor is an application isnt it, perhaps thats the rogue app???

::just guessing never used win2k::

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September 26, 2001 1:42:56 PM

Believe it or not, my friend with a Single Athlon had the SAME turned out to be a non-full install fo his sound card driver, was a fresh install pretty much anyways, so we just wipped out the system and re-installed W2K off the CD and DL'd all the NEWEST drivers off the net for everything, IDE, Via 4-in-1, Sound Card, (was a SB Live! BTW) and Video card, AGP Miniport etc...try it u never know.....

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September 27, 2001 11:03:33 AM

with win2k its much easier to locate and terminate rogue apps. the task manager actually manages.
not to mention alot less dodgy apps on win2k.

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September 27, 2001 1:07:01 PM

Are you using Asus BX borad by any chance?
September 27, 2001 1:52:07 PM

I know, im running xp, and I used ATM on winme(it was free and it never crashed on me, so I used it over 98se) anyways, ATM gave you increased tm functionality down to killing individual threads etc, it was a good proggie.

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