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Dell xps studio keyboard some keys not working for awhile

My dell studio xps 16 spacebar, backspace and the enter key doesnt work for sometime and it works again but after that it repeats again.. can anyone tell me what to do? im a oversea student so i can't bring my laptop to repair until i go back to my country.
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  1. Your only recourse (if you can't clean the keyboard you have) is to order and install a new keyboard. Good luck!
  2. its a back lid keyboard so im not sure i can just open it.. this laptop its only 2 months old..
  3. Understood. Dell has very good international support. You may need to locate a local Dell service center for assistance since this item should be under warranty. What country are you in and I'll try to find some contact info for you.
  4. Im currently studying in Australia. thanks for your help!
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    Go here for support:

    Contact a human via phone or chat and explain your situation. They should be able to easily resolve for you.
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