What OS should I install on this slow laptop?

I got this old IBM Thinkpad T43, and is currently running XP. That thing is so so slow... Takes around 5 minutes to load up IE's homepage. Anyway, I'm sure a fresh install would improve things a bit, so what OS should I install for best performance?

Of course Linux\Unix is the first one that comes to mind - but I want to stick to Microsoft for that one.
It has 1 gig of RAM, so I'm assuming I shouldn't even consider Win7...

What would you do?
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  1. Reformat, install xp, install ccleaner, good anti virus, avg is good, google chrome auto blocks most virus pages and phishing attacks before they infect your computer. Make sure msconfig has bare min services to start on start up. Don't install much. Regularly use ccleaner.

    You need a new computer though. If your on a tight budget, I'd highly recommend the new amd e-350 CPU as it's a dual core with built in graphics, which is like a built in 6230 or something like that, directx11 support, which will play most latest games at about 20-30fps. But for a $350-400 dollar price range, it's a steal. Thinkpad makes one, ASus and hp. I think there's one more too, check out newegg and search for amd e-350.

    My setup:
    Intel i7 2600k sandy bridge @ 5ghz
    Corsair 2133mhz ddr3 8Gb
    Msi p67
    2 Asus gtx570 directcuII in sli
    1000 watt 80 plus bronze psu
    120gb ocz ssd vertex 2
    1tb hd 7200rpm 64mb cache sataIII dual processor
    Wind tunnel case

    -sent from my ipad 2!
  2. Did I forget to say a boasted 8-10 hour battery life on all amd e-350 cpus set ups?
  3. I used to run XP on systems with less RAM, and it was still fine. Fresh install, and keep the crappy soft out (i.e. iTunes, auto-updaters, etc). Remove unnecessary programs from your autorun - "Run" - "msconfig" - "Startup". Use reliable Web Browser (Firefox 4.1 or Chrome) - IE is slow everywhere. Avoid anti-virus software... okay, let me rephrase that for you: avoid running an anti-virus on the background all the time, only launch it when you're browsing Web or working with USB drives. 1GB of RAM is not as bad as you think - my Celeron M w/ 1GB DDR2 RAM totally flies due to all the tweaks I've done to it.
  4. I agree with these guys. Install Windows XP. If you Google "speed up windows xp", you'll find a list with services that you can most likely disable. You can also go to msoncfig like amk was saying to remove things. If you feel that you need more RAM, just plug in a USB Drive and use this tutorial: http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/external-link/?link=http%3A%2F%2Fask-leo.com%2Fcan_i_use_a_usb_ram_stick_to_increase_system_memory.html

    USB Ram will be slower of course. I also believe that Google Chrome or Firefox 4 would be the best browser for you since they will be quicker. Do format if you can since all versions of windows are subject to Windows Decay. Avoid unnecessary addons as well. Just like Ea0 said, AVG is a decent free anti-virus. If you would like one with a smaller footprint, there is Nod32 and Kaspersky. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the input guys... I think we got a clear winner here - Win XP. Also thanks for the tips to minimize system load etc..

    Now for the Anti Virus part... Which is lighter (I care less about which is "better"); AVG or Nod32 (I got both of them available)? Or maybe something else?

    Thanks people!
  6. You can easily use windows 7 as I am also using it and it is working well on 1 GB RAM. You can check the following link for the operating system which can work well on your system. For antivirus I would like to suggest Panda from cnet.com site:

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