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How to remove the windows 7 administrator password which has been forgot and can

Yes, I really need help with my windows 7 Laptop. I am the Administrator but never had a Password. Nobody else is using the Laptop. Today the Computer asked for the password (which does not exist). I simply cannot start the Computer, whatever I try.. As there is no need for an Administrator or Password, my question is: would it be possible to get rid of both?
Please let me have your advise on how I can get this machine to work again. I am an 88 year old, living on the Age Pension, having quite some experience with Computers during the past 11 years. --Sorry,I had to answer some calls and had to be away from the old computer(an IBM). - Thank you all very much for your comments and advise on my problem. Please, remember that I had no knowledge that a Password was supposed to be existing. The Laptop was brand new and not used before I bought it . - I had to click a singular Large (Flower) Icon middle of the screen which started the machine. If any of you have more suggestions, please send them to me. My first name is Fried. Thanks to all you kind people
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    No one here can or will help you bypass a password for any reason. Prove ownership to whoever manufactures your laptop and they can help you. Its against the forum rules to even ask, which youd know if you had read the rules.
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